How many mistakes did Obama make swearing in?

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  1. They told him what to say word for word and he couldnt even do that right. Preview of things to come.
    I also noticed that when i watched it live, it seemed like he made more mistakes. Like he left some words out that the guy told him to say, but on youtube he says them. Anyone else watch CNN live and notice the discrepency or did CNN just edit part of his speech?

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  2. It was Roberts that screwed up.

    WASHINGTON – Chief Justice John Roberts swore in President-elect Barack Obama as president of the United States on Tuesday with a slight stumble over the wording of the oath of office in the first of what could be many important interactions between two men who rose to their positions of power quickly and who have some background similarities, but whose politics differ.

    Separated by a Bible used by Abraham Lincoln at his first inaugural, Roberts asked Obama: "Are you prepared to take the oath, Senator?"

    The former Illinois senator indicated he was, and Roberts started reciting — and Obama repeating — the 35-word oath that is prescribed by the Constitution.

    But at one point, Obama paused abruptly after Roberts reversed several words in the oath.

    The oath includes the phrase "that I will faithfully execute the office of president of the United States" but Roberts didn't say "faithfully" until after saying "president of the United States."

    Obama apparently realized that something was out of order.

    With Obama not reciting, Roberts then repeated the phrase correctly, the brief awkward moment ended and Obama was back on track.
  3. Thank you for that clarification, CaptainObvious, thus putting peilthetraveler in his rightful place alongside a bucket of shit.
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    Watch the video. President Obama stops when Justice Roberts excludes the word "faithfully" and gives the Justice a nod. The Justice then corrects himself and includes the word "faithfully," which President Obama then repeats. CaptainObvious's post was spot on.
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  7. Not entirely correct. They BOTH messed it up. On balance Obama was more in the worng. See one commentator's assesment below. Also here is another video link. Note I do not agree with the assessment below that Obam paused becuase he noticed the error, I think he just could not remember the words...and as proof...if he did notice the wrong ordering of the words, then why:

    1. Did he not recite the correct phrase, instead of waiting for "correction" an dcretaing the awkward situation

    2. After Justice Roberts corrected himself...why did Obama then STILL mess up the words again.


    John January 20th, 2009 - 1:44 pm

    FACTS, if you take the time to watch, you partisan idiots:

    Strike to Obama: Obama interrupts Roberts initial passaage.

    Strike to Roberts: Roberts incorrectly recites the second passage, most notably and idiotically putting “faithfully” incorrectly at end.

    Point to Obama: Obama notices mistake and pauses so Roberts can correct himself.

    Strike to Obama: Obama stupidly pauses at the wrong spot (after saying the word “execute”), surprising (and potentially confusing) Roberts and leaving no way for Roberts to re-word his initial misplacement of “faithfully.”

    Point to Roberts: Roberts correctly responds to Obama’s pause by almost rephrasing the whole passage, but at least with “faithfully” in the right position.

    Strike To Obama: Obama actaully interrupts Roberts again (in this case, before Roberts has a chance to finish the very restatement that Obama paused for in the first place . . . duh!).

    Strike to Obama: In interrupting, Obama doesn’t begin with the correct oath words of “faithfully execute,” but rather repeats the idiotic wording that Roberts started with and putting “faithfully” at the end.


    Roberts 0

    Obama -3

    Any non-partisan will see that the biggest loser here was Obama. I gotta admit, he sure looked stupid and came across by his pause as one of these elitest jerks that like to demonstrate how they know better . . . only fitting irony that he repeated the same mistake in the end and that the egg was on his face. Cross your fingers folks . . .
  8. Any criticism of this oath deal is more than a little petty. If this is the worst mistake the guy makes we'll all be in good shape. He gets a pass on this.
    See T-Dog, I'm pacing myself.:D
  9. Don't worry.....Zbigniew Brzezinski already called his "Apt Pupil" and chewed him out! :eek:
  10. And yet when Bush made errors like these, he was called stupid by the media and democrats.

    Obama made 3 mistakes in his first 15 seconds in office. That oath is something that every president should not only have memorized but should say to themselves first thing in the morning when they wake up. The fact that he has to repeat it being read to him like some first grader has to repeat something, means to me that when these presidents say the oath, its just like first grade. What they are saying goes in one ear and out the other and they have no understanding of the meaning of this oath.

    But then look at Biden. Now he really did well with the oath he took and you could tell he meant every word he said and understood the meaning of his oath. At least we got one guy in the white house who will look after the people.
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