How many markets do you trade?

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How many markets do you trade?

  1. ALL

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  2. Few (2-5)

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  3. ONE

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  1. This question is more directed to commodity traders.

    Do you trade ALL the markets, or do you focus on a few, or just one?

    Do you find your focus is intense on one market, and thus your knowledge of that market is much greater and your performance better, OR, do you not want to focus on only one market and keep your eyes open to all the markets opportunities?
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  3. I care because I care..I'm interested..
    I know guys who have been trading sugar and sugar only for 30 years...
    I know guys who trade multiple markets multiple strategies..

    I find the guys who are more focused on one market generally are more successful...and I was curious if anyone had some insight to share...

    So get lost if you aren't interested.
  4. I only trade crude oil & natural gas... I have found better to focus my attention in a narrow basket.
  5. I think it is difficult to follow more than 2-3 markets.
    Ofcourse it depends upon your trading system.
  6. POH POH

    I trade several markets sometimes, but sometimes it gets me all over the place. Like for example sometimes I will trade the Euro(cme) of crude or vice versa and the minis off the Euro or crude. Alot of inverse proportions going on there. Sometimes its good sometimes its bad. But I see when I stick to the minis, usually ym, and es and those 2 only I do better. There are my 2 cents. I feel its easier to get the feel of the market and tone of similar instruments of the same sector than trying to manage different sectors. And by the way that Jasonm character is an idiot, so no worries about him.
  7. I prefer to trade the same setup in a large number of products, so I can just do the same thing over and over again with consistancy.
  8. One market

    It seems like I could trade it in my sleep. I know all the points by memory, can "feel" the movement.
  9. 1 market for me. Easier to focus on one product and know all its little nuances and quirks.
  10. Rimping


    When you are a discretionary trader, I think it is better to focus on 1 or 2 markets.
    But when you are a systematic trendfollowing trader it is better to trade many markets and also to use more than one system. It increases your chance of catching a trend.
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