How many losses in a row?

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    For comparison purposes, I'd like to know, on average, how many losses in a row do experienced daytraders routinely encounter with their tested and proven systems?

    Also, what was the max number of losses ever experienced in a row?
  2. Years ago, I once had 9. A friend and fellow trader once had 15. Therefore, he sometimes is known as "HoseA", I... sometimes as "HoseB"
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    how you going to compare? different traders trade different securities,time frames,some more frequently,some less..methods are vary as well. i trade baskets of stocks, a lot of trades,some of those stocks in basket are losers,some winners. but by EOD my PnL is positive for most of the time. was it helpful for you? probably not.
    it would make sense if you explain all above and find similar traders,who do same.
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    Why does it even matter to you, are you emotional about that kind of stuff. honestly does not matter to me as long as i can stay in the game and metally fit to play it.
  5. You should have no more than 50% of the number of your max winners in a row.
  6. ================
    ONE of LBJ/daytrader 10 commandments;
    3 losses in a row =GET OUT. Not an ad for short term trading; I prefer medium term trends..........................................................

    Frankly Check8;
    for a profitable position trader,
    with a high %[plan[ not high prediction plan but high percent plan],
    its less than 3.

    Wisdom is profitable to direct;
    many times 1 loss means the trend has changed-get out till you figure it out[ the new trend]
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    My mind has blanked out the details of this day, but I'm pretty sure that I once had at least 10 losses in a row while revenge trading a particular stock, which to protect the innocent, we'll just call "X" :p

    Now that I'm experienced and have a tested and proven system, I rarely encounter more than two in a row.

    There are systems, however, where 10 small losses in a row might be normal but the profit on the winners is huge.

    The only thing huge about my "X" day was number of shares traded, amount of commission paid and desire to take that POS stock off my list and never trade it again :eek:
  8. 2 losses in a row is two too much.
    serious traders dont lose. 100% winning trades is the way to trade.

    thats why all folks on the internet will hold an open losing trade forever, until it will return to profit, just 2 ticks pleeease!
    losing trade? its just damn not acceptable.
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    Your assertion is easily disproved by considering a 50:50 system. The prob of max x number of winners is the same as prob of max x losers.
  10. If you're getting a large percentage of losers, it's usually because either (1) stops too tight... getting taken out with a small amount of "noise", or (2) your bias is wrong.
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