How many journal bloggers have actually

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by cocaineaddict, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. reached their pubicly stated profit goals?

    Just curious since it seems like it would be good motivation, it can also be a lot of extra stress
  2. bespoke


    on this forum? id say about 0 to 1%
  3. how would we verify it if they didn't? People post blotters, not account statements. And anyone here long enough knows that people claiming success often confuse "paper trading" or "backtesting" with "real trading."

    one guy had a journal on here for 10 months, posting regularly his trades. He claimed to be up over 80%. He went to a tracking site, and made almost nothing when someone ELSE was auditing him and gave up.
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    22% below target so far (2009 target is 100% return), but I had a 2-week vacation in May followed by trading 1/5 size in the 6 weeks since (sparked by an attack of idiocy during April and getting to know a new trading platform). So I can only assume that once I resume my standard size trades again I will either catch up to target or blow up completely. :D
  5. It does help to keep your sense of humor in this business.

    Good luck, though.
  6. I think the readers of someone's journal will find more use than the person writing the journal because the readers may learn a new trading concept along with seeing someone else trade the concept regardless if it's simulator or real money trading.

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    makes a lot of sense.