How many is too many symbols in Market Analyzer with Ninja Trader

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Robert Weinstein, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. I loaded up about 850 stocks (all done one by one) into my list of stocks and loaded them into market Analyzer with two custom indicators and it sent my machine on to its knees.

    I am using DTN as the data source and the machine is the same that I was doing the same screening with Tradestation (the program I am trying to replace)

    During loading of the data if I tried to open or change a chart (on another window/monitor) it appeared to lock the system and I had to reboot.

    the indicators use daily prices and they look at the last High/Low/Close data for the past two weeks.

    Should I expect that NT takes more resources than TS and a bigger machine will solve the problem?

    Is there a way to optimize the market Analyzer so that it doesn't have issues with that many stocks?

    Am I simply running too many stocks in the program at once?
  2. This is a problem with this type of screening, in that you are limited as to the number of stocks that can be screened.

    The problem for any of the programs that are attempting to do this is when any missing data is sought for any symbol, the system has to receive this data before the process proceeds.

    Thus the question should relent to the reasoning of this checking back and forth from PC to the data source.

    This suggests that this type of screening would need to happen at the database source, however this would cause increased computer power resources at the data source, whose costs would be passed on.

    Thus, one must narrow down the number of stocks until ones system seems to operate ok at the request rates, which is also in sink with overall internet capabilities.

    Because of the latter, it is more likely that a higher level processing should be made available at the source, and is also the reason the larger houses have one up on those without these type of resources.

    What is somewhat disturbing is the question as to why one has to find out on their own, this type of basic information.

    Got to start somewhere I guess.