How many Internet connections you have?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by crgarcia, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. In case one of them fails?
  2. 1. Dial-up.
  3. Basic + A mobile phone.

    All phone lines out of here use the same cable ducts so multiple services with multiple providers still equals the same weak point.

    Only one significant failure in the last 4 years (a flood). 2 minors, one in which I had no positions on and one in which the stop and limit were IB brackets so I let it play out to profit without my attention.
  4. gaj


    cable, dsl, line phone, cel phone.
  5. i think with cable, dsl, cell and landline you'll be fine.

    also need battery back up in case power goes out.
  6. Baywolf


    In order of reliability.

    Comcast cable
    Cellphone tether
    Drive down the street to local coffee shop
  7. So true, and so forgotten.

    At home for my personal account, the UPS was enough, because it's only one account and I don't trade that often.

    At the office it is needed and we don't have one, just common UPSs. On the weekend will look for some good ones.
  8. Basic DSL + dialup available through the landline phone + G3 CDMA mobile phone + GSM mobile phone (two last working as modems when connected to computer).