how many hours until fed cuts?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by silk, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. silk


    This is getting nuts.
  2. you have to be pretty dillusional to believe the Fed will actually cut rates.
  3. The S&P is flat on the year and you want cuts? Crazy talk.
  4. there are quite a few hours between now and november
  5. MattF


    yep. These threads are pointless.
  6. S2007S


    Im tired of hearing talk about a rate cut, THIS IS THE ONLY CATALYST THE BULLS HAVE LEFT.

    THEY ARE NOT GOING TO CUT RATES, the market created these problems, now they should learn how to fix them without the help of the federal reserve.

    How greedy are some of you, the market has been up 100%+ in the last 5 years, its time to welcome back the bear.
  7. Chood


    Not nuts. Rational, expected.
  8. We haven't even seeen a 10% retrace yet. I think people forgot what a drawdown looks like.
  9. why must the bulls believe a rate cut will put a floor in the market ... it will not ..

    a rate cut will cause the dollar to be pummeled .. unwinding the carry trade at an alarming rate causing mass liquidations .... do u really want the fed to cut ???
  10. If the fed panics, gee i wonder would the market would do?
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