How many hours do you spend manually scalping the Forex?

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  1. If you had an edge that worked Mon -Thursday 24 hours a day without a losing calendar day (365 (6) days a year), would you hire a trader to help you to exploit it? Then you would have to reveal what you are doing? Then the Trader could leave you, and trade it? Also discretion cannot be programmed into Automation and the programmer would know your strategy anyways...Also I am a believer that automation needs to be monitored constantly and cannot get the fills a manual trader, that has experience can.

    Or do you just take it easy and trade when you can???

    76.36% of the trades are under 2 hrs long. With the longest one lasting 16:50 hours. There are also periods of being flat waiting for the set-up. There have been 165 trades in 19 calendar days.

    Lets say the edge can make 1% each 24 hours traded on Mon-Thursday windows, without holdays. Can one person stay awake 96 hours straight and avoid hallucinations?

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    What you need is not some beginner that you can teach your system to but another successful trader with complimentary skills who will be willing to learn your system and teach you theirs and colaborate to trade 24hrs. There's no guarantee they wont leave, but the motivation is right to begin with.

    Alternatively find a programmer who is willing to have a stab at programming your successful system on the basis that you both will be allowed to trade the program, but not to sell/give it to anyone else. You might lose some discretion for part of the day but you might make up for it by trading 24 hrs, more markets, various timeframes etc. Also you can always front-run your automated system, leaving you as more of a captain of the ship with an automated crew. You could have it wake you up if a trade is pending, or if the indices breach three std devs while theres a trade etc.

    With discretion, I understand where you're comming from but I'm not sure I agree that you cant program it, actually I think thats exactly what most ATS developers do, they use automation to regression test discretionary trading ideas.

    Its true that discretionary traders can aknowlege instances in time when there are special circumstances with extra complexities. But these would have to be rare otherwise they'd be included in the system, also if the discretionary trader learns how to trade those times, they'll still include it in their rules. But then there are discretionary traders with systems that dont have rules, aren't there ;-]