How many have had this happen?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by gordo, Nov 25, 2005.

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    Sure this has been covered here before. But wanted to get some feedback. I know that alot of investment and trading types don't make it a point to openly advertise what they do for a living, except within the investment community. Particularily when it comes to more private speculative transactions.

    Just wondering how many of you have experienced a noticable change in the way people interact with you when they find out that you handle investments or speculate. IE- I'm generally a little vague about what I do, b/c pursuing my independant ventures. If I have to, I tell people that I work with/for some investors, and try not to get into specifics. Unless it's business critical.

    What I have found to often be the case, is they either think that you can help them get rich, or they seem a little intimidated. This can throw a wrench in things for a low key guy like myself. Especially, when trying to meet people for personal reasons. How do you guys handle it? Any thoughts?

  2. I tell people that I am an Analyst or a Investment Manager. You don't have to say that you are a daytrader, because people still think all day daytraders blew up in Mid 2000.
    After all, as a Trader, we do analyze stocks, and we do manage investments.
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    Be honest about what you do, or they'll think you're some sort of mobster or drug dealer.
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    Yeh, that's the other problem. If you don't give them some background, they think that you into something shady.

    I try to tell them just enough to show them that I am legitimate, but not so much that they think they can pilfer info.

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    I usually just tell my nosy relatives I work for Vandelay Industries.
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    Ridicule yourself a little, tell them you're a professional market gambler, a have a go hero, with a wink.

    Then they say, "well I'm sure there's more to it than that seeing as you've been doing it for x years and seem to be doing very well for yourself" They'll be impressed with the modesty and self deprecation.
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    jim c

    I think being a little vague adds to the problem of people thinking your can make them rich. I think it just makes them more curious. "hey, if this guy doesnt want to talk about what he must be something cool/lucrative." I personally try to explain it in layman terms as short as possible and I try to sound as dumb as possible. (not to hard for me..hehe) When I tell people I work at the CBOT there are always alot of assumptions being made...and not all of them you can imagine. I also say..."people always assume that since i work at the CBOT that I make alot of money...and thats just not true" I think people can be intimidated...i used to i try to make myself seem just like an average joe as much as possible. which in fact I really am. Just my thoughts on the subject..boy are we slow today. have agood weekend. Jim
  8. "I develop and implement equity and derivative systems"
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    Modesty is always the best policy if you are trying to either avoid a conversation or attract funds.

    I have a full time job (which is hard enough to explain). I have narrowed it down to "I run the wholesale bond market"...which i do, for my piss ant little country.

    in regards to my trading account i simply say "i also have a small private fund that i manage for a few select people". That will either get them talking if they want to make $$, or shut them up if they feel inferior. that line also works for the ladies....

  10. i say i'm a assisant junior vp of steeldust derivatives group. they will either smile and run away or ask what the hell is that. i used to say" me a trader" but the result usually was arguments about being a gambler or how i personally am ruining the economy.
    the great thing about being an assistant junior vp is if you see them agian you can give yourself a promotion! i try and not be to serious though.
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