How many Fridays in a row

Discussion in 'Trading' started by pumpanddumper, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. has the DOW gone up?

    I think the streak is ready to be broken.

    Wait, nevermind..the BX IPO is going on.
  2. Not sure how many, but it somehow feels like a self fulfilling prophecy by now... until it doesn't! :D
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    hey makloda you are still here, :eek: :confused:

    where is your buddy stock turd :D
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    what is the difference between Makloda and Stock turd

    one trades for real and is gone, and another just paper trades :p
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome, still here :)
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    hey humble eh.........there is hope for you see you need to be humble to learn but once you do learn

    Let her rip :D
  7. Time to break the streak! At least at the initial open, then the bulls take over as usual.:p
  8. My guess is that stock_turder is at his first sleep-away camp. Probably eating smores and wetting his cot. He's such a turd!

  9. It's 16, i think.

    Don't you guys know the market isn't permitted to go down on Friday, only occassionally on Monday (maybe 5%), and never on Thursday afternoon because it's always going to go up on Friday?

    So that leaves Tuesday and Wednesday, and Thursday morning.
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    Looks like the streak's about to be broken today...nut you never know :p
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