How many feet does the Obamanation have

Discussion in 'Politics' started by stock777, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. Cause he's running out of ones to put in his mouth
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    LOL, timely comment s777,, just saw him on TV, Senator Barak Hussein , slamming/insulting small town people who enjoy ''religion & guns''

    Now he says ''I did not say that as well as I could''LOL

    Frankly his voting record shows a lack of respect for 1st & 2nd ammendment; smooth speech or his lies cant change that track record of his.:cool:
  3. Obama's remaining supporters are the media, blacks, the hardcore leftists at DailyKooK and HuffingPost and the children's crusade of ignorant young people. Of course, McCain does not exactly have a rock solid base either.
  4. Mac also suffers from foot in mouth disease!
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    Heh, McCain's gonna be suffering from Hothead Fever when we get to the general election cycle and the MSM no longer considers him their friend. Should be fun to watch. If Obama gets the nod, McCain will clean his clock in debates. Obama doesn't have the quick thinking ability to say just the right thing at just the right time. After the debate the MSM will reach new levels of spin, declaring obvious McCain wins as "ties".

    McCain will go batshit crazy.

    I bet his staff have prescription strength tranqs ready to go, LOL.
  6. I got to tell you....OB is handling all his pretty damn well....He adressed it, clarified it and now is making fun of " annie oakly clinton"....I think its time Repubs and the Clintons stop underestimating this guy....Im surprised though he hasn;t brought up the 109 million the clintons made in response to her calling him an " elitist"????
  7. Barak does recover well from gaffes. I don't think it matters what Clinton says of him as she has no chance in hell anyway.

    As for Mac cleaning his clock in debates? I don't know about that. I think they can both be very bright at times, and incredibly lame at others.
  8. Barack will own McCain at a debate.

    Mark my words.

  9. not very hard to do IMO....McCain's answer to everything is to remind everyone he was a POW never know what an old guy like him has up his sleeve
  10. It quite sad really.

    Barack or McCain as the choice to lead this great nation.


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