How many fascists are there here ?

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  1. I have already remark on french forums that neo-nazi always deny to be fascist (or racist of course) since behind the term you can put anything. So let's take an example :

    How many do approve this kind of method in industry and commerce:

    "6.7 Other methods
    Sabotage was sometimes used, as for example in 1887, when the Standard Oil paid a mechanic working for the Vacuum Oil Company in Buffalo to tamper the still so as to make it explode.

    In the fight against independents pipelines, armed men defended land bought par Rockefeller on the planned way of the pipelines.

    Numerous examples of bribery of judges and politicians are also known. "

    This is typically the methods used by nazis.

    So do you approve those methods then in my definition you are a fascist. If not so give concrete examples.
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    Ugh, fascists??

    Brings to mind Mussolini and the goose step!

    No, never, yuckkers!

    I am a democracy loving American!
    Just wish it would make a little more sense.

    Some of the laws are just so dumb!:confused: :confused: