How many ES points does a trader need

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  1. Kovacs


    to pull out of the market per day on average across a year for you to consider him a master?
  2. Lucrum


    ALL of them.
  3. Kovacs


    oh, how delightfully droll. yes, indeed.
  4. is this thread for real? Do you have ego trouble and need to be called a master or something?

    Lucrum is right, unless you get all the points you are not truly a master. Fortunately, you dont need to get even close to all the points to make a great living.
  5. astral


    Nice, we're in the same boat here:cool:

    You want 2points, 10points, 60-100 points a day?

    You choose...(No, not a troll answer)
  6. simply 1 ES point...I started a thread on it called...the "1 ES point relaity"...1 ES point per day would make you literally millions...

  7. How many Es points per contract you average ?
  8. Kovacs


    No, I'm just curious. Saying mastery is another word for perfection means there are no masters at anything in the world.
  9. In the final analysis, all that really matters is if you have a method that works for you and that you constantly look to improve upon it. Since collecting every tick is impossible and there are multiple time frames in which to trade off of, you should never run out of situations in which to do better.

  10. 1 point with the proper position sizing as your account grows would definitly do this.
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