How many elephants in one room can go unnoticed?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by chuck.ells, Oct 12, 2007.

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    Fuck the stupid Turks, Ataturk was fucking gay anyways, and they are all lazy ass bitches that just wanna die real fast. I hope Iran nukes the shit out of them !!! :D
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  4. They hate our Freedumbs! These people will soon be neutralized

    Assassins plot to kill Putin in Iran: Interfax

    MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian special services have been warned of a plot to assassinate President Vladimir Putin when he visits Iran on Tuesday, Interfax news agency said on Sunday.

    Iran's Foreign Ministry dismissed the report as totally baseless and intended to undermine Russian-Iranian relations.

    Interfax said Russian security services had been told that suicide bombers and kidnappers were training to kill or capture Putin during this week's historic visit, which will be watched closely in Washington and other Western capitals.
  5. Suicide bombers or kidnappers? Gee, they'd never anticipate that m.o.
    I think Putin would kick their ass, just quietly. Tough mofo.

    re; topic, is it a gray room?