How many days of IB backfill now?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by fengshui-123, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. ???
  2. The release notes for the API say six months. I have tried over three months of one minute bars and it works as stated.

  3. 5...pray for 10.
  4. This is not correct. An application can make repeated requests for historical data, specifying the end date in each request. Total of six months max is available. If software vendors are not supporting this you should get on their case.
  5. which software can get 6 months?
  6. My software.

    The historical data request in the API was changed in the latest release to support this functionality. Any software vendor should be able to support this.
  7. Of course you will have a little difficulty getting 6 months if the contract only has 20 days of data.

    Thanks for the update, I use SierraChart and have been surprised (and pleased) by the size of updates I have been getting recently. Not trading stocks I havent seen anything like 6 months but that reflects the amount of data in the futures contracts.
  8. Does IDEALPRO FX also have 6 months backfill?
  9. Don't know. However I do know that the Globex currency futures have months of backfill available. Depends on expiry of course.