How many day trade companies in North America?

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    I just know Swifttrade which is in Canada. Are there any other companies like Swifttrade in U.S?
  2. Here is a list of a few firms in the US. Some of the firms and links may no longer be active, but most are accurate. The ones with (**) are ones I have traded at or have friends who trade/traded at and I can say are good ones.

    Allston Trading LLC (
    **Assent (
    **Avatar Trading LLC (
    Avidus Equity Trading Group (
    **Barkley Trading (
    Bear Capital (
    Benchmarq Trading (
    Boss Trading (
    Bright Trading (
    Caliber Financial (
    Carlin Group (
    Chicago Trading Services (
    **Chimera Capital (
    Cy Equity Trading Group (
    Dimension Brokerage (
    DRW Trading Group (
    **Echo Trade (
    Evolution Capital LLC (
    First New York Securities(
    First North American Trading Corp (
    Genesis Securities LLC (
    Geneva Trading (
    Golden Market Management (
    Guardian Trading LLC (
    Harrison Trading Group (
    HLV Capital (
    **Hold Brothers (
    Infinium Capital Management (
    International Trading Group (
    Jump Trading (
    Kershner Trading Group LLC (
    Lynx Trading (
    MBH Trading LLC (
    MJL Partners (
    Pacific Coast Traders(
    Positrade Inc. (
    Prestige Capital (
    PTG Capital (
    RML Trading (
    Saxon Financials (
    Shonfeld Group (
    Simplex Leveraged Trading (
    SMB Capital (
    **Spartan Technologies (
    Sperling Enterprises LLC (
    Star Alliance Capital (
    Swift Trade (
    Titan Securities (
    Trade Vision Capital (
    TradeGroup (
    Traders Capital (
    Trillium Trading (
    Trinity Capital Partners (
    Variance Trading (
    Wolverine Trading (
    Xerxes Trading (
    York Trading (
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    Just a note, there are a few exploitative groups on this list. Be cautious.


    Which ones??

    Also would someone explain what Per Ticket Deal implies to the Trader? Pro's and Con's....

    What is the standard across the Prop-Firm Community as Pay-Out,
    Commissions, etc

    I have been offered 65% & 70% and 80%
    The lower of the 3 with 20x1 Buying Power, and the Higher with 10x1

    With Commissions as low as 1.50 1000shares up to .0035 Per ticket...

    Anyone that can give insight, and from experience share...
    Does anyone know of Prop-Firms they trade remote with and are happy...Please Contact me... and or respond...

    Thank you,

    Hope all have a great weekend!!
  5. JC, try a search on this site.. there's tons of info about various prop firms
  6. I think it may be time to update the above list...many are no longer around, period.....and many are just "sub-llc's". And, I think the term "day trade" firms doesn't describe serious trading firms..our people do a heck of lot more than "day trade" - often keeping many (many) positions for days, weeks, months, whatever fits their tradng style.

    If my memory serves me right, there were about 120 or so back a few years, and probably less than 10 (viable, broker dealer, exchange member firms), and only a handful that can or will accomodate serious traders who need to use enough capital to make a good living.

    (LOL, of course I'm a bit biased, but at the same time, I like to see facts here on the board whenever possible). Maybe someone could take the time to sort out the above list.

    BTW, 100% payout with simply a token amount of capital is required...along with a license.
    All the best,

  7. Assent and Schonfeld