How many cross rates TOO MANY to watch and trade?

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  1. How many cross rates TOO MANY to watch and profitably trade?
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    You can system-trade an unlimited number (provided you've got the necessary capital). Computers that landed Armstrong and Aldrin on the moon were ten thousand times slower than what you've got in your laptop, right now. If computers are making all the trading decisions, you can simultaneously trade thousands of products / crosses / names.
  3. Traded the EUR/AUD almost exclusively since November. It has taught me patience and humility. It has rewarded me with a net of approx 747 pips, including two drawdowns exceeding 100 pips each.
    What more do you need?:p
    My opinion only, of course.
  4. thanks guys...yea, it would be "by hand" and not "robot"...
  5. Capital and trade size nothwithstanding, if you are trading manually, I would imagine that it comes down to time frame. The shorter your time frame(s), the fewer markets you can follow. You would need to determine your own cut-off point based on your own method and capability.
  6. I have been dealing with EUR/USD exclusively in these last few days, I’ve had bad experiences with the CHF and JPY, could it be because of the Christmas season?
  7. I watch all the majors. eurusd usdjpy gbpusd and usdchf. I trade eurusd and rarely usdjpy on asia, and whatever looks best on europe hours. I watch the entire board for confirmation tho, no matter what I'm trading. however, this hasn't been too helpful recently haha.
  8. I've been back testing a strategy based on the correlation between eurusd and usdchf . It's been giving good results on my demo account from Tradeview (it cost only a few pips to hold both positions). I am looking for experiences if you are trying the same, before I try it on real. Thanks in advance,
  9. no system stuff. I just like the warm fuzzy feeling I get when I short euro and cable looks like a short and swissy looks like a long.
  10. I am currently looking at:
    Gold (spot)

    Trading Bias: seek out short/sell opportunities...I believe I am better at picking up "short/sell" trades than "long/buy"...for whatever reason...
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