How many contracts?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by trader1974, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. trader1974


    Hello traders, I'm curious.
    Suppose they have $ 100,000 and have a profitable system.
    With how many contracts do you feel comfortable operating in the intraday with the future ES?
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  2. Cannon_Trading

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    Live or back tested?
    Largest drawdown per contract from peak to valley?
    Largest single loss?
  3. trader1974


    With $ 100,000 and a daily guarantee required by the broker of about $ 1700 you could open a position with 50 contracts. It is obviously suicidal. I mean, with what maximum position in number of contracts they operate with peace of mind, for a scalping operation.
  4. trader1974


    2 times it happened to me that the platform did not let me put the stop, I have also sometimes heard similar stories from other traders who, for example, have not executed the stop. That is why sometimes it is scary to open an operation with many contracts.
  5. 20
  6. trader1974


    Twenty? It's not much? Imagine your total capital is $ 100,000, if there was a flash crash and the stop did not skip, it would be total ruin ... Not scary?
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  7. trader1974


    Operating live scalping
  8. Turveyd


    Scalping can still spike through the SL and slip a number of pips, what you working on $1000 normal max loss per trade, so ES 5 pts, so 20 contracts $200 per pt, problem is it it slips 50pts ( too much for ES ?? ) then your suddenly down $10000 in 1 hit. likely 1/2 that so 5K, can ofcourse spike your way, but weirdly never has for me :(

    10, $100 per pt, more than enough for anyone to live off imho!!
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  9. 10 is plenty
  10. trader1974


    You are very brave :D:D:D
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