How many continuous wining days on paper trading?

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    How many continuous wining days on paper you need to start trading real money?

    How long it takes for you to be able to start trading real money?

    Note: it's 3-10 and more than 10 not 7. Cannot edit the polls now. Also month should be months. The options make me dizzy.

  2. You can trade on Simulators and on paper.

    It doesn't guarantee anything other than you know how to operate the Trading platform.

    Real trading brings the psyche of trading into the picture, with the fear of loss.

    I have seen some who were on the Simulator 3 days, after that you can operate most any professional trading platform and the charts.

    You are better off starting REAL with small size, even though the costs may cause you to only breakeven sometimes.

    A breakeven or a minimized loss to me is a great learning experience and a confidence builder, as well as the discipline of taking profits.

    Been around the business since 95, nobody I'm around has stopped learning.

    Just like learning to fly, you never stop learning, even if you are a Airline Pilot.
  3. If you use a mechanical system with a trailing stop-loss then trading is much less an emotional activity and in fact can be pretty boring. And you can even papertrade it after the market closes, it's just a matter of sticking to some mechanical rules and the simpler they are the better. In fact for a mechanical system, backtesting is enough, papertrading could be considered forward testing. If a system is really good 2-3 weeks just to get comfortable with it would be enough.
  4. How do you expect anyone to click your thread or even take you seriously if you can't spell 'winning'?

    Just a thought,

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    A thought, not a problem. I accept that is one of many of my usual spelling errors. shrugging my shoulders to you, well, after all English is not my first language. But I appreciate you point it out so that I will try to make less the same error again. Thank you.


  6. Well "Check Spelling" wouldn't have helped, since wining is also an accepted English word.

    Which probably answers your question, for me at least. Basically, after a certain number of months trying to make a consistent profit trading, and finding it nearly impossible, the frustration is enough to make anyone an alcoholic.

    So, having turned to wine (red, white, I'll try both depending on mood) out of exasperation from the stock market, I spend my days wining, and if I'm lucky, also dining.

    Of course, I could spend my time complaining about how difficult it is. But that would be whining, which is not what he wrote.
  7. I do not paper trade. It is tough to replicate having real money at stake, for me anyway.
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    Just wondering, what is the exact difference between paper trading and back testing?