How many are short?

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  1. This market feels like one huge short squeeze that started last Monday and has gone on for 10 days. Still a lot of nonbelievers in this rally and a ton of traders looking for a pullback. I think we break new highs in S&P by late July early August. To the moon Alice!
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    I am short but not a big position. I couldn't care less anymore about the position, this market is bullshit.
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    Was tempted yesterday, thought we could be topping.

    I listened when the market failed to go lower...ES wouldn't have stopped at 1326.50 if we were going lower - blew out of my position at 1328.

    No position trades short was wrong. Just day trading.
  4. they are all short. and getting shorter all the time

  5. This is a fake move. There is no underline fundamentals for this unless some have inside information not released yet.

    I shorted Qs at the top @$59.35 today. Small position. Couldn't care less.

    Volume has been declining steadily along this rally. Bad sign.
  6. Not net long, NO shorts.

    Booking the over-bought and entering into energy.

    Volume declining isn't a negative divergence. Consistent with summer. Also means "less sellers".
  7. Covered short QQQ @ $58.51 + $0.85/share

    Enough for a weekend at a 5* hotel, airfare paid.
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    why the rush?
    it's Friday, and next monday will be big gapdown.

  9. Good point but I have to spend realized profits. Cardinal rule:)
  10. You and I seem to have taken a short view at the same price level and time! (see below).

    I however think we shorted the wrong EFT. We should have shorted the SPY instead.

    I bought puts, but surprisingly IV actually fell/didnotchange on the puts I bought---It should not happen, but it happened.
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