How many are screwed on IWM

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Intelinvestor, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. check out its chart.

    IWM traded at 159 at the open. 100%+ gain for Russell 2000 ETF.

    Holy shit!!!
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  2. i sold mine 10 min before the open. i was slightly upset with myself.
  3. bh_prop


    I didn't believe those prints myself, almost still don't. Looked at the Tradestation matrix for IWM and there were several large blocks that traded up there in the stratosphere, including >73k at 142. For a moment today, every print >84.14 was taken down, which is still a ridiculous price. But by the end of the day "the air up there" prints were left alone.

    I would be shocked if those weren't ultimately contested in some manner, but for now everyone's IWM charts look like some pink sheet stock that had a huge news-driven blip.