How many are actual trader vs Posers/Newbies.....

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    Just wondering how many on this board just trade for a living and do nothing else? Trading is your only source of income and has been for the last 3 years?

    I think it would be very interesting to find out how many people on here actually just trade and have been doing it for several years without any other source of income.
  2. You could set up a poll to find out, although I think I recall a few of those already...
  3. what makes you think the posers will be honest in your poll? that is the greatest flaw of the internet. anybody can claim to be anything and you have no way of knowing the truth.
  4. This was posted in a "closed" thread a week ago but I believe the numbers are very close to being what "might" be true here on ET......I have a 13 year background in marketing and business development here in the Silicon Valley. A great part of which was spent in online promotions and advertising and I think this poster was very cogent in his assumptions.....take it for what it's worth.


    "Quote from jay123:

    Listen Baron is running a business here. When the day ends this site was put up for one reason:
    Sell advertising space.
    If the Advertisers leave do you think this site would even be in place?
    However, I understand greentree anger over this as his posts should have stood and not be censured out. If he was violating anything at the time of his writings (the code of ET) as far as doing subtle adverting then it should have been dealt with during the time of the replies and posts not like this.

    Personally when it comes right down to it the site has 19500 members. Lets break that down to realistic numbers though. Each of us probably have 3 handles so lets say the real membership is more like 6000 members. Of those 6000 real members lets say 50% of have dropped off and have not come back as regular viewer since the last 5 years. So its more like 3000 real viewers. Now lets break it down further. The sponsors are selling goods and services for traders. When you break it down how many real fulltime traders are on this site with real money lets say over 50K in their account and trade actively I would say 500 tops.

    So in reality the sponsors are spooning out alot of money per month to reach the same 500 people over and over again. I say go take some print advertising out or a bloomberg radio ad instead. "


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  5. Just out of curiosity, what difference does it make?
  6. Just like in the general public it's 90/10. The ratio seems to hold very consistently among any trading group, even floor traders.
  7. If that, I wouldn't be surprised at 99/1. You don't need a poll. I have been around successful people in many fields to know a basic truth: successful people don't whine, complain, look for excuses, holler about commissions, bitch about their internet connection being down, etc etc etc. Truly successful people won't do that for a simple reason: it diverts their focus. They pay attention to solutions and to making it happen for themselves. None of the negative things I've mentioned help, they only hinder.
  8. I'm a poser...
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    Bundlemaker you are correct, attitude is everything.
  10. here,here!! excellent post bundlemaker, my sentiments exactly.
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