How many aliases do you have?

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  1. nitro


    How many aliases do you have? I admit to having one other alias - I was Jesus Christ on the original God thread, but for some UNKNOWN reason, it was taken away from me :mad:

    So I voted 1. If I could vote for Brother Pussy, I would have voted 50+ for him.

  2. That's right man, you don't fuck with the Jesus.

    -Please delete this movie quote...and replace it with name of the movie.
  3. Congratulations on having 3,600 posts, which is coincedently the square of 60.

    Did you know:

    * 3,600 is divisible by 2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10?
    * The only number that will not evenly divide into 3,600 that is also a single digit is the number "8."
    * The square root of 3,600 is 60.
    * Some users on this board are approaching 60.
  4. why would anyone want an alias?


    FRuiTY P.
  5. Toonces


    Can each alias vote?
  6. I voted for option 2 for my aliases...

    I used another alias to vote option 3 for Brother Pussy...
  7. I AM ROCK SOLID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Not as rock solid as mrmarket...
  9. Yes, congrats Brother nitro on reaching 3600... you are a True Brother...
  10. here's an idiot with 3600 mostly useless posts (don't believe me, go look but set aside a week) on a message board and she's busting my balls?? :-(

    3 THOUSAND 6 HUNDRED USELESS POSTS (And Counting)! :eek:
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