How many active traders are there in the world? What OS do they use?

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    Hey guys, I'm been stumped over how to find an accurate estimation of how many active traders (in all assets) exists in the world; I have dug through the financial reports of a lot of brokerages but they mostly state how many total customers they have (I suspect a lot are long term investors/inactive) and not how many were actively trading. There is a wide range of estimations on the web in various places for this kind of information but I can't seem to find one that was made with robust statistical methods and data collection.

    Does anyone know how one might find such information?

    +as a bonus, how would I find out how many active traders use Windows OS over Mac, or Iphone over Android?

    Thanks in advance.
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    What would you do with this information?
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  3. Someone posted a map image of the world a few weeks ago which showed (estimated) how many traders there were in each continent.. but i cant recall which thread it was.
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  4. I'm loosely guesstimating there are 900 active traders in the world.
    I'm talking Active active -- and Profitable too, of course.

    If you count all traders...including dogs, clowns, kids, and priests, and mutual funds, and women, and dentists, and trolls, and spam cans...then there are probably over 50 million :confused:

    Be an ET, extraterrestrial trader...High-Five`
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    design a trading product, and don't worry, its not a brokerage
  6. Overnight


    Even if this information could be compiled (which it simply cannot), there is only one answer to the question...

    You are the only active trader in the world. Do what you do and stop worrying about the world, unless you wish to take over the world (which you simply cannot).
  7. Baron

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    54% of traders are on Windows, 10% are on Macs, and the rest is divided up primarily amongst mobile operating systems.

    So that leaves us with about 36% of the market, which as I said is mobile. That segment is made up of 55% Iphone/Ipad with Android taking up the rest of what's remaining. There's a percent here and there for blackberry or windows phone users, but it's pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of things.
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    if we go by the rule of 95% not profitable traders, you think theres only 100k total active traders in the world? (I'm referring to stocks, futures, options, forex.)
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    Thanks for the info Baron, may I ask how you arrived at those numbers and how the data was collected? Is it a reliable statistic?
  10. Baron

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    That data was collected based strictly upon the visitor data on this website over the past year.
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