how major is the $ decline ?

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  1. will it stop at 78 ?
    drop to 72 ?
    break thru 71 ?
    or do you think it's going to the moon ?

    for the last 4 years the price formation's been a puzzle to me, did it form a Major base
    between 08 and 11 ? or was it a correction, and it's now - having made one leg down
    and a correction, on its next descent

    THE major problem for the US is . . . DEBT

    currently the US National Debt is $15.6 Trillion with a Debt to GDP ratio of 103+% and
    the 'US Total Debt' calculated as $57+ Trillion - - - and
    in addtion, on the bottom line of the US Debt Clock page . . . 'Liabilities' . . . with the
    'Total Unfunded Liabilities' currently at a remarkable $118+ Trillion

    is there such a thing as a 'debt iceberg' waiting to sink the SS USA ?
    at the end of WWII the US debt topped out at 120% to GDP so there's still some way
    to go in order to set a new record - see -
    'National Debt Graph by President': and
    'Voodoo Economics' or, 'supply-side economics':

    with the Euro debt stabalized ???, is the euro on a major rally to eventual new highs
    along with other currencies ?

    if in the next election Obama loses, will the new Republican President be the iceberg
    that appears 'out of nowhere', or will Republican policies save the day ?
  2. The dollar index is a joke. It will go up if other countries start printing faster than us and down if we keep printing faster than them.

    Its a race to the bottom. We are all trying to outprint each other.