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  1. Precipituous fall ahead!
    These prices will be touched before April 10 (if not much sooner):

    BCS $8.50 (Friday's close: $9.89)
    FCX $36.8 (Friday's close: $42.12)
    GT $6.22 (Friday's close: $6.85)
    KBH $13.7 (Friday's close: $15.05)
    ASH $9.20 (Friday's close: $10.29)
    DB $36.64 (Friday's close: $42.12)
    ROC $8.08 (Friday's close: $9.06)
    XL $5.50 (Friday's close: $6.19)
    TRW $3.52 (Friday's close: $4.08)

    AGO is the _only_ one from our past predictions that hasn't reached its target price yet ($7.30; please see my previous posting 'Watch out: IMMINENT SELL-OFF'). It will, very soon, and then it will descend towards $6.70 from there!

    Please mark the date and time of these predictions.
  2. Not to be rude, but I certainly do not hope that anyone would be dumb enough to follow your advice, whether it's turning out to be true or not.
  3. Rude or not, the important thing, for my readers and me, is that _once again_ by predictions offered hefty profits!
    With the exception of ASH, DB and FCX that are still pending (for a _little_ while, as you will see...), ALL the others were fulfilled less than 24 hours from the moment of their publication!
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    I would short KBH if all my money is not tied up by my lucrative LVS position. I think kbh will touch the single digits soon if the bears return
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    hey Nostradamus,
    please predict some stops for us, will ya?

    Snake-oil alert!
  6. Stops? What stops? If you check all my postings, you will see that ALL my predictions (we are talking about 25-30 of them) were fulfilled! Also here only ASH and DB are still pending (for the moment..); yesterday FCX was also added to the list of succesfull predictions, as everybody can see.

    So what tells you my predictions need stops?!?? Should I be responding to completely irrelevant questions?

    As for the 'snake-oil' and 'Nostradamus' characterizations, maybe the following excerpt from a posting of mine will help you.

    "....this ‘ping-pong’ with people I shouldn’t be responding to in the first place is getting kind of silly. So let me summarize what I encountered so far, provide my responses for every ‘variation’ of non-sense hostility, and get it over with:

    i) “Those predictions of yours are insignificant. I own the tools to provide better”.
    Response: Since someone owns such tools that can provide better yields than the 10-15% _ALL_ of my prediction offered in a matter of 1-3 days (the _official) and _indisputable_ records and timestamps of EliteTrader are at anybody’s disposal anytime), then he/she is mostly welcome to publish his/her predictions, that will surpass mine. Deeds are for (knowledgeable) winners, cheap talk is for (bitter) _losers_.

    ii) “Your predictions weren’t fulilled”
    Response: Show me EVEN ONE that wasn’t fulfilled or explain to us your motives behind your prepostreous lies.

    iii) “I simply hate you for being so successful with your predictions and I would use even insane arguments to deceive your readers or every other means (including threats...) to harm you. I hate you, I hate you!!”
    Response: Please seek professional help."
  7. Easy prediction: One day you will blow up.
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    you my friend are not a regular scam

    you believe your own crap, I Can See that

    you will crash and burn with such gusto, its gonna be quite the experience for you

    I was you by the way long ago


    pathetic man, but you are young, you'll learn

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  9. At least 'pathetic man' is soooo much better than 'pathetic, bitter, _twisted_ LOSER', isn't it so, my friend?
  10. Molec


    you don't see this right now but I am trying to help you

    sooner or later you will realize how foolish you are

    But I am trying to help you realize this sooner

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