how low can PCs go?

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    Just bought 6 Dell 1704FTP 17" LCD monitors from Dell for 180.00 a piece (with tax, shipped). I bet if I could have waited another 6 months, I would have paid even less.
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    assuming it still has open PCI slots you should be able to add more multi-vga cards. for example, you should be able to add up to four Matrox quad cards for a total of 16 monitors. if you can still run two monitors off the stock dual-port AGP card, that would bring you to 18. performance? no idea. but it's do-able :D


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    I just got done building a new PC. Has a 3200 amd 64 with 2 gigs of ram. I checked all the specs on Dells and even there machines over 2k mine will outperform. I spent about 1200 on it, and all good quality parts. Those 300-600 machines aren't worth anything. They buy parts that are about 2-3 years old and get 1000's of them. Have no video card. Just a substandard machine. I saw compusa selling one for 99 dollars after rebates. I wouldn't even buy that one for my dad and he just surfs the net. My suggestion is get 1k and go to spend it and buy a book on building a PC. Your machine will knock the socks off any dell and you built it yourself. They are very easy to build. I remember before I started learning a little about computers I paid 45 dollars to get a video card installed. About a year later I did it myself and couldn't believe how bad I was ripped off. It took longer to get the 2 screws out on the case then to change the card. Oh well... Live and learn

    Good luck
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    I just bought a unit less OS and Screen for about $375. 500M ram, 80G drive, 2.8 CPU, DVD burner and lousy graphics card.

    Now thats nothing on the machine i built 2G, 160G, 3.4, DVD, 660GT >>>> but who cares. Its an excellent machine for its purpose and it serves as a good backup trading machine for much less than I pay a week in commissions.

    What incredible value!
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  5. Who cares if the parts are 2-3 years old? What was high-end back then, is low-end now and people have been trading with what was a low-end even 2-3 years ago. most trading software isn't that computer-intensive.

    I trade with cheap Dell's and never had performance issues. I am not running extensive backtests or a tick-farm either though.
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  6. I remember back in 1995.
    A pentuim 100 with 32 Megs would cost about £2000 pounds($3000).

    Now you can get a Pentium 2000 with 512mb for £100 pounds.

    You get 20 times the performance for 1/20th of the price.

    If this continues we will get:

    40GHz pc with 10gigs of ram selling for about £5 ($10) in
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  7. I can imagine that, only instead of this huge metal box, it would probably fit in your front pocket.
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