how low can PCs go?

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  1. are you with bright trading? what does bob use for a computer. he managed to make 20 million trading last year with his.
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  2. the could give 'em to you when you sign an isp fact, for a while, they did.
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  3. I am comparing all these computer prices to what I remember my father paying for a desk calculator to replace an adding machine with a tape. I think this was like 1970, and he bought a cannon calculator for around $800 - he chose the specific model because it had two separate memories.
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  4. Great thread. Computers are within reach of more and more of the world's people. Some people call this cycle of decreasing costs "a race to the bottom." But, as a whole, it's more empowering than disempowering.

    Since the invention of powered flight, I've heard that people have essentially flown for free, because the net amount lost in the airline business still exceeds net airline profits. Flying from Chicago to Kansas City at 35,000 feet and 550 miles per hour, while drinking a soda, costs less than a fancy pair of tennis shoes. I love that stuff.
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  5. but isnt that strange? i think it is.......... the demand for computers seems to be increasing yet prices are smashing even lower. it used to be one computer per household. now mom, dad, and everyone in the family has *at least* one PC... lol.

    when does it end?
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  6. When HAL won't open the pod doors... :D



    If You Have The Vision We Have The Code
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  7. omniscient

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    with some oomph:

    less oomph, but still nice:

    this place is always updating with Dell specials and coupon codes:

    FWIW, you can typically find 1905fp monitors for 300-330 shipped.


    take care -

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  8. Thanks. Anyone use the 2405fpw monitors? How do they compare to the 2005fpw and the 1905fp? Do you find the widescreen better? I have had a widescreen tv for years and feel weird watching a regular tv.

    Is the extra size from the 19 to the 20, or 24 worth the extra cost?

    I see they can add a video card for a second monitor, thats great, but if I want to add two more down the road can I? Is there a slot for it and will the pc handle it? If not, what needs to be upgraded now?

    What if I want to add 20 more screens like Maestro? Should I give up on PCs and just buy a mainframe? LOL.
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  9. I don't know why it worked out this way, but a golf buddy has been doing my stuff for years. I have two high powered boxes up w/four Flat Screen LCD's. He gets me the Acers for $210 cash, 17", I think there was a sale $220 when I bought two 19". Maybe I paid $350 for the units. He gives me software licenses, etc. He makes money, because I'm always adding on, and I work to get him referrals. If a good trade in comes, monitor, printer, laptop, I get the call. Some people trade in great systems at dumb prices because they want to upgrade now!.
    Dell and those guys all use the same components he doeswhen he builds a new unit. All components are made in Asia at the same factories. So what's the difference who bolts what into the frame?
    We sold some of his stuff on EBAY, and people stole it, So we won't be doing that anymore. I mean, motherboards for $20. No one would bid except pros. Point is, stuff is out there cheap, ,so you should be able to really beat folks up on price. Their costs are way down, too. Most people go to stores ; your local guys need the biz. And by the way, you'll find out they are the service guys for the big names. So, you buy at Circuit City, have a problem, the unit ends up at a local service shop. My guys have the Epson contract.

    Get yourself a local guy who will service you (in a nice way, I mean), and you'll be so much better off. You can get zackly what you want, and at a good price. Work to get the guy referrals. Work hard at making him more successful. You get it delivered, set up for a cup of coffee. Bartering worked for years. It is still a good idea.

    Anyway, this is too long, but I wouldn't know what to do without my arrangement. Invest some time, and get one for yourself.
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  10. i was at circuiitcity today and saw the 24" sony lcd for the first time.. wow, was very impressive, the fonts are so large on those things... u can literally sit back in an ergonomic position because u dont have to be so close to it...
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