how low can PCs go?

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  1. i would get an 8400 dell and a dell1905 flat
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  4. TGregg


    I paid 4 grand for a PS/2. 16mhz 386, 1 meg RAM, 20 Meg disk. Tiny freaken VGA monitor. And that was through a friend so I got an EDS employee discount.

    It still worked when I threw it away a few years ago.
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  5. i think PCs are going to get cheaper until some new technologies come out... like solidstate harddrives and faster memory... and not just faster clockspeeds but new processor designs... u know, like back in the day,... remember things like "math co processor" or "local bus" or "graphics accelerator" ? :)

    i wouldnt be surprised if distributed computing came into the home now. people can have a supercomputer for $5000...

    i bet grandma could bruteforce all the "safe" passwords from 1995 from her dell desktop :-O
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  6. Celeron's cave into the pressure of 2 screens and using Speer Leeds Kellog Redi+ application. You can't run more than 8 windows and 2 browser windows without significant paging difficulties.

    Stick to the full processor or go home with your money, before your machine locks up with you in a trade....

    We used to complain about this at our Las Vegas offices but no changes would occur, so consider that seriously.... with your choice of machine / environment
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  7. I saw a 5" television set for $12.88 on tv the other night. I dont understand how they can make some of this stuff for what you pay for them.
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    A friend of mine that sells computers said that they actually lose money on them a lot of the time and try to make it up by selling assessories. Lots of places do it, large car dealerships try to make the loss up by selling you some extra warranty or add ons.
    Restaurants sell you a $10 steak and a $5 beer.
    Its all a big game but they obviously get enough of us to do what they want.

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  9. That thing worked pretty good with Windows 3.1 - It was never the same when I loaded Windows 95.

    I still remember logging onto AOL in early 1994 just giddy that I could be talking to all these people in the aol chatrooms. I just remember saying wow for about 4 weeks.

    Did I invest in AOL back then- NO....I was beat up side the head yet I didn't profit. I should have sold the computer and used the money to buy some stock. Lets not even talk about Microsoft.

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  10. oh yeah, btw anyone notice that on Dell's checkout webpage you are allowed to use TWO credit cards? LOL... sounds pretty desperate for a $500 computer.
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