How long will you be trading?

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    Any one have there way out of this game planned or are you in it until the journey ends of its own accord, in what ever way that may happen.

    For me the way out was written down with my trading plan, there are several stages to my plan, accumulating bonds and cash along the way so when I do retire I have a nice income stream diversified enough to feel secure with.

    Each stage also expands my trading operations and risk, I have 5 years until retirement from this business.

    What about you? Im just curious.
  2. Trade or die!
  3. Handle123


    Due to health problems arising four years ago, seeing into the future, have hired and trained a dozen employees to day trade for me, so end of August I am retiring from all day trading. I just can't do it as well that is required, one has to be on top of their game and sometimes that one or two second delay can cost big bucks.

    No more mentoring either, above problems has altered my patience levels to deal with people. I have several areas I want to explore more into of selling options, spreads, more longer based methods in stocks.

    I tried retirement few years ago, laying on some beach drove me near insane. Am a workaholic, happiest when working, am sure there be many areas I have yet to dive into.
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    Good luck with that Handle123
  5. I'll be trading as long as I'm alive and then from the grave having my heirs executing my orders well in to the future :p
  6. I'm with ^
  7. Nobody stops you from doing a few trades and investments even when you are 80 years old or older.
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    Well yea lol but I am interested in what you want to do as an individual. Making a few investments and even trades on a monthly time scale will take little of my time, in contrast to now which sees me trading from 9:am to 3: pm then 12:am to 5:am five days a week.

    My social life for the time being has been restricted to the weekend, I am young and have the energy to do this, I have definite goals and know exactly what I need to put in, what I will get out of it and when its time to move the majority of my energy on to what I see as greater things.

  9. I want to earn enough cash to start a research and development company and give back to society. Sounds naive but that's the plan right now. Depends on a lot of things, but I'd like to do something real and productive one day instead of just moving money from one virtual database to another. I'm still pretty young but know enough that making solid plans doesn't always work out quite that way.
  10. everything is a trade eod
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