How long will the rally last?

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How long will the rally last?

  1. A few days

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  2. Around a week or so

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  3. A few weeks

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  4. One or more months

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  5. Friday was the absolute bottom

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  1. Assuming a rally starts tomorrow, how long will it last before the downtrend resumes?
  2. pitz


    Why do you think there's a downtrend ahead? What are you using to measure a downtrend, the USD$ value of stocks? Gold? Barrels of oil? Dollars of labour?

    Really, its all a matter of measurement. Measured against labour, the stock market has been in an epic bull run almost uninterrupted since the 1970s.

    Measured against gold, the stock market has been in a secular bear market.

    Measured against oil, the stock market has been in a bear market till recently.

    Trends can be up or down, depending upon your point of view. Dumping printed money into banking black holes can be interpreted as creating inflation, which means that the market may very well continue to go up in USD$ terms, it probably will not make any meaningful gains in gold or oil, and probably not in labour either.
  3. 3-1-2-0-1. Option expiration could be "icky". We'll see. :cool:
  4. haha I thought the choices were going to be 10am, 11am, noon...
  5. Till Nov 4...
  6. morreo


    wow, that's hilarious!!! Would had been so funny if it was.
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    One day.
  8. LOL.. same thing I thought when I read the thread title.

  9. An 11% gain isn't going to be erased very easily. That was the bottom. The funds have buy orders set up at every 100 point interval on the dow It would take enourmous selling to retest last week lows. Virtually impossible.
  10. Stock, how do you know where the funds are buying? The quick and true answer is you don't. Why are you still trying to sound like you know anything? The quick and true answer is, you don't know anything. This market has not been an investors market for over a year, your "index" shows that all to well. You are not a trader. You will never be successful at making money in stocks, ever. Why don't you just stick to your word and go away? You are truly a sad individual, a big ego (?) And stupidity are no way to go through life.
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