How long will Ebay Ceo running HP last poll?

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How long will she last before she is shown the door

  1. 6months

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  2. 1 year

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  3. 1.5 years

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  4. 2 years

    4 vote(s)
  5. 3 years

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  6. 4+ years?

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  1. How long will she last?
  2. Assuming HP lasts 6 months *rimshot*
  3. Well the OP's alias really says it all for this thread.

    Meg Whitman is an excellent CEO. She will do very well in that position and fear mongering over a potential failure of leadership won't get anyone anywhere.

    She'll easily last more than 4 years, and very well could revolutionize HP. Even as a fresh face to hardware, a brand like HP can always use external input, and now that that external input is internal there will be details she knows that the former CEO's probably didn't think to implement.
  4. J Ski

    J Ski

    Right on the money.
    I think a huge paradigm shift is upon us
    in the pc arena.
    The cloud, 4G, tablet, iphone this trend is so big
    it's like that 4th round Mayweather punch.
    Lights out if they don't see it coming...
    ...and they probably don't.