"how long" until emini daytrade trendline becomes"valid"??

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  1. "how long" until ES or NQ (emini) trendline becomes"valid"??..meaning from tops or bottoms for how long?...5 minutes, 1 hour, 2hours?...please chime in with your expertise....thanks....
  2. as long as you can link 2 highs or 2 lows together using a line, you have a valid trendline.
  3. thanks...is not there greater "validity" if the trendlines are say, 30 minutes apart rather than 2 minutes?...correct?...
  4. theres only one way to find out and its to do the statistical studies yourself. I suggest you take stats on the following

    - how much time between the 1st and 2nd hi/lo that you link.

    -how many high and lows forms your trendline (to verify if more highs and lows means a stronger trendline''

    the total ''time'' of the trendline. exemple if your trendline starts at the 10:00 am high and ends at 13:00pm, you have a 3 hours long trendline.

    -the slope of the trendline

    do that and youll have a definite answer to whats good and whats not.

    i assume that you want to play trendline breaks as entries. do the work and youll know if a 4 point trendline that spans over 4 hours and is sloped downwards is statistically better than a 2 points trendline that spans over 1 hours and is horizontal.
  5. never saw a valid trend line - ever..
  6. strong words
  7. A visit to the optometrist is in order then :)

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    + 1 for the previous mentioned book "stikky stock charts."