How long until chasinfla leads Don in posts?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by TickerWatcher, Jul 4, 2002.

  1. I think he'll lead by the end of July!
  2. Babak


    If we assume that they will continue with their pace of posts (chasinfla at 27.81 posts/day and Don at 7.16) then we solve for x as follows:

    [1080 and 1777 are the number of posts they have made so far]

    27.81x + 1080 = 7.16x + 1777


    Therefore we can say (under the stated assumption) that it will take chasinfla 34 days to surpass Don. On day 34, chasinfla will have 2025 posts while Don will have 2020 posts.

    :D :D
  3. :eek: lmao!

    p.s. my vote is for 3 weeks because i think chasinfla will accelerate while don will roughly sustain his pace.
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    27.81 posts/day, that's frightening. What's even more amazing is that Seanote registered a few months before chasinfla, posts a very useful and much appreciated daily journal with all his buys, sells, commentary, and daily wrapup....yet chasinfla still has more posts than him! :eek:

    No human being has that much worthwhile to say, 27.81 posts/day indeed.
  5. Remember we are dealing with people.....and they may get emotional so the previous stats may not be a reliable indicator.
  6. I agree that Seanote consistently puts up the most informative posts on this board, as regards market and trading information.

    And he does it in a way that is most dignified and respectful, always willing to answer questions, even while making trading look easy.

  7. Now 28 posts/ day.
  8. that's about 28 per day too many, imo :-/
  9. Dearest Brother Pussy,

    Lovely to see you here...

    With deep and warm feelings of fraternal love,
  10. Huios


    Too funny. I actually just saw the thread title, and went to the tally board and started doing the math, then thought, "Hey, I bet someone already did this" and low and behold.

    Now, with Mr. Subliminal's help, I'll do an excel spreadsheet and compare each and every one of the high posters to each other and then....

    Naaa.... Forget it, I'll stick to "The Evolution...", my own little corner of cyberspace.

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