How long to wait out shorts (on a stock)??

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Tarl_Cabot, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. I own a stock that is:

    - One of the highest rated by analysts ("strong buy")
    - Owned by a number of institutions
    - Great P/E ratio and PEG ratio
    - Has great prospects in a solid business
    - All of the shorts' arguments are easily countered
    - Beats the earnings predictions every quarter


    - has a relatively small cap and float
    - has one of the highest percentage of shorts
    - is recommended to be shorted by famous short web sites that are known to have lost lots of money for people (really!)

    My question is - How long will I have to wait it out for the shorts to lose interest and go somewhere else ?

    Does anyone have experience with this sort of situation with other stocks in the past? I have never before followed a stock that was being shorted for more than a week or two,

  2. Stop wasting time and effort with "fundamentals" and focus on the price performance instead. When a stock makes daily, weekly, monthly and/or yearly highs, there will always be "shorts" looking for a pullback. Let them attempt to eat like a bird and defecate like an elephant.
  3. This has been going on for months with this stock.

    As of Feb 12th, over 40% of the float was short.

    That was a typical figure going back several months.
  4. Which stock are you referring to?
  5. just give the symbol. Its not like posting it here will have an affect on the price.
  6. MA? GOOG?
  7. Hacksaw


    Idiot!! He said relatively small cap.
  8. how about just blow it out? if everyone loves it, you are going to get crushed
  9. I don't have any problem posting the specific stock - after all I am already long.

    But, it's not strictly relevant to the question - I'm looking for someone who has seen a similar situation in the past... (so it would just divert the thread into a discussion of that company and that industry).