How long to become a millionaire

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  1. I calculated the time it would take someone using the Hershey method to become a millionaire.

    It said 27 days.

  2. I love the average 1.25 point per trade default setting, so conservative! :D
  3. It reminds me of the kid who was asked if he wanted $10 to mow the lawn, or alternatively, 1 cent on the first of the month, 2 cents on the second of the month, 3 cents on the third of the month, and so on through the 30th of the month. The later gives you in excess of $10 million.
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    You might want to recheck your math on that one. I think you must have remembered the example incorrectly. The latter will give you $4.65 in your example.
  5. auspiv


    uhh.. no. 2^30=10737418.24
  6. uhh.. no. (1+30)*(30/2) = 465 cents = 4.65.
  7. I think hurricane meant:

    .01, .02, .04, .08, etc.


    .01, .02, .03, .04, etc (which is what he typed).
  8. Yes. I was hasty. Meant to double the amount daily.
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    that's if they open the door after the first 2 payments.....:D
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