How long should it take to get a response from tech

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by ProgrammerGuy, May 30, 2008.

  1. Say you email the tech dept of your broker at 9:30 am EST, it is a question that'll take say 3 minutes to respond to.

    When should you receive a response?

    A whole day has gone buy and I haven't received a response and call me crazy, but I think this is entirely too long.

    What your opinion?
  2. burst


    If you are with IB you better hope reincarnation isn't just a myth
  3. although I don't agree w/ that and believe IB's support is great, That sure is funny :)
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    strange things can happen to email, both to and from your broker. It's nice to be able to call your broker and get live support on the phone. I don't know if your broker offers that.
  5. Most aim to respond within a day. There are variables such as the amount of support staff available, who's capable of servicing the issue, and whether they care about retaining you as a customer.

    A few years ago, I sent a request every two weeks or so via one broker's web-page-based request form asking if I could get my PDT restriction lifted, but got no response for a couple months. I suspect that since I only had a few thousand dollars in the account, they didn't feel like it was worth devoting any effort to this. When I phoned them, I got an immediate response, and in retrospect I should have done that at the beginning.