How long it took until you find the right trading software?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by cornerstone, Jan 27, 2019.

  1. A lot of traders talk about the sum some of money they lost until they got stability in their trades, I think that finding the right trading software for a trader is also important and takes time. For me Bookmap is the trading software I have been looking for. What is your experience with finding the right trading software?
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    And this ad is brought to you by.... Bookmap!!!
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  3. LOL!
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  4. Overnight


    When I started out 5 years ago, I tried a few over the course of a few weeks, liked Ninja7 the most, and stuck with it. That's really all the experience was. No fanfare. So a boring experience, really. :)
  5. Newc2


    My trading took a huge nose dive when I began to use Bookmap. As soon as I stopped using it I became profitable again
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  6. You probably needed to learn how to use it better. It helps me to see the direction of the market and where to put my stops and take profit.
  7. Mnewton


    Started with Sterling great function key setups,
    Completely switched from trading stocks to trading options
    Now on TOS THINKORSWIM best piece of software out there
    For day trading options
  8. Robert Morse

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    For Options, I prefer CBOE Silexx:

    Best Option software, in my opinion, I have ever used.
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    For me it only took 6 months.

    I started trading using Esignal but then realized that it wasn't the trading software making a trader profitable
    so I stopped paying for it and started using the free Metatrader 4 software.

    9 years on and I'm still using MT4 because much of my trading is now automated
    and MT4 helps me in my FX trading but at some stage I will switch to MT5
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    i haven't found any profitable mt4 trader
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