How long it take IB to IPO

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Fighter, May 1, 2007.

  1. Fighter


    if it need 2 months to go IPO then go bankrupt in one month,
    I have enough time to transfer money out of IB.
  2. Fighter


    Refco is much much big than IB at that time. After IPO in one month, it went to bankruptcy protection in 2005.

    As soon as news comg out in the air, the world was shaking.

    I took one year to interview victims and followup. I like to share with you here since I dont want to be one of victims.

    I want to know how justice is served. Institution get much better what they deserved. The worst is retail investors who get 0.20 out of 1 buck.
  3. mde2004


    Are you stupid or just crazy?
  4. Fighter, are you seriously that stupid to believe that IB's going bankrupt after the IPO?
  5. lol, this guy is a nut. I may have to use the ignore button for the first time.
  6. No listen...he could be right. IB's recent server problems have many, many of their customers quite unhappy....and the timing of this could not be worse. IB, of course, is staying "mum" on any of the details....but I have a friend who just couldn't take the "pink-outs" any more, especially when he discovered it wasn't related to his workstation software or operating system or even his internet connection. It was pure server-related problems at IB.
    He has left IB and is now quite happy. How many more to follow ?
  7. Fighter


    I am idiot as most of you think.

    I was issuing warning on the yahoo message board on ENRON
    when news just in the air back to 2002. I recalled one viewer
    responded my post like this you stupid dont know how big Enron was. sign

    I dont mean IB is Refco. But IB IPO really worry me.
    Hope IB boss is not crooke. I was expecting some investment bank want to buy it. But IPO make me feel some fishy

    See ya.
  8. I was thinking how ET had become more like the Yahoo boards, and you remind my of why
  9. mde2004


    the timing actually couldn't be better as all the markets are up and the industry is flying high. I use IB and have not had any of these problems you speak of so your friend probably has a cheap internet connection.