How Long is Your Ignore List?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by TGregg, Jun 23, 2003.

  1. TGregg


    Just curious to see if anybody has an Ignore list as lengthy as mine (at 83). A large chunk of my list do not post anymore - clearly they are too stupid to remember how to fire up their computer. :D
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  3. At one time last year Aphexcoil made it to my list. I think that even he will admit that when he made his initial appearance here, he was beyond annoying. However, after his initial foray into trading, he developed some humility and was promptly taken off the list. Aside from that, Mondotrader made it on the list, but he has been nowhere to be found after the war...

    It's been mentioned alot in the past six months, but I will say it again. EliteTrader has gradually become the hangout for alot of blowhard types and others who need to be the center of attention. When I first found this forum in March, 2002, you would not believe the quality of some of the threads. Not only was there some fantastic writing, but the people who participated, with few exceptions, took it seriously. If you can remember guys like Darkhorse, Traden4Alpha, would remember what I am talking about...

    Anyway, I have just gotten used to alot of the garbage. After awhile none of the obnoxious comments really make any difference...
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    Can you see me now?
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    It's not that difficult to just skip over posts by people that I don't feel like reading.
  6. you've got to be a total freaking moron loser greg to take the time to construct this BS thread. please add me to your ignore list. you've made mine. congrats. i am quite sure there is nothing you could say that would be interested in anytime in near or distant future:-/
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    Yeah, that's essentially part of the point I'm hoping to make. ET was an awesome resource early last year, and is much less today. Perhaps this poll will suggest to management that Ignore is not much of a help.
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    You gotta earn the right to be on my Ignore list. :D

    It's pretty easy to do though. Just go read posts until you see one that says things you would never say to somebody else face-to-face. Then, emulate that poster.

    EDIT: Ahh, I see you sort of disagreed with me over at that SCOTUS/UofM thread. Actually, that was a pretty good post, IMO. Disagreement is not something that gets one on my list.
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    One, MrMarket. He is never going to post anything that will improve my trading. I had one of the QDZ's on there for awhile but I realized how funny the guy is.

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    .... with all the ignoring I cant even read this thread to help me decide if I want to vote ....

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