How long have you needed to become succesful ?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by HATEtheRisk, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. Hello,

    im interested in other succesful traders and how long the have needed to becoming finally succesful.

    For me it was 4 years of learning, before i made constantly money, week for week.

    I think if you want to create your own systems and you be alone you need a minimum of 2 years. If you are very smart and a workaholic.

    I also read about pro traders, who have learned for 6 years before they could make profit constant.


  2. danielc1


    It took my about 25 years, and counting...:D
  3. Holy shit, are you serious ???

    But now you made it or what ?

    do you have your invested learning money made back ?

    I hope you dont need 25 years again to make your invested money back.:D :D :D
  4. two years to develop a good system (right 65% or better) six months to realize that a good system wasn't enough, found out I needed risk management and money management plans too, and another year to realize the importance of emotions and how they make following my system and sizing positions correctly difficult and to find ways to overcome fear to be consistent.
    Three and a half years. But when it clicked, man, did it click.
  5. Yes, his Social Security check out paced his trading losses.
  6. ''but only when it was shown to me did i actually see it''

    i found this line somewhere in the ET archives....
  7. limau2


    For the average guy, I read that about 5 years.

    I had it 2 years already...I see the light coming :)