How long have you been in the market?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by 0008, Nov 15, 2002.

  1. I too think you should not give up so easily. I think your posts have been as legitimate as anybody else's. No reason to quit posting because of some unhappy individual.
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  2. Seriously, do you still have all those emotions? How can you trade?

    With me, it is pretty obvious that the amount of emotion directly affects the profitability of my trades. I gave away $.38 on ISLE this morning before the market opened due to a typo. It took me the whole day to psychologically recover from that idiotic slip.

    But at least it only took me a day. When I started out, such an experience would throw me back several weeks...
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  3. Sure, I second Wally's request. I stuck with a MA x-over and added standard error bands (similar to BB's) because of Cathy's posts. I'll even admit to losing a quarter of what she has in trading tuition. However, I wouldn't know Don Miller unless he walked up and introduced himself. Oh, Yes, Cathy please reconsider, I've enjoyed reading your posts and hearing you describe your trading.

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  4. Aaron


    The only way I can trade is 100% systematically. When I've tried discretionary trading the emotional rollercoaster was just too unbearable. With a system I can console myself with the long term statistics.
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  5. Aaron


    Alright. That's it! You're on my ignore list!....kidding.
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  6. mark1

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    ah ah..... :(
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  7. BobCathy,

    Part of the ET experience is getting pushed to the brink of leaving, then coming, then leaving, then coming -- until your skin grows so thick you could give two shits what the next guy thinks/says/posts about you.
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  8. I hear you! I developed a system for the same reason. But once I started making consistent money I became more confident and started playing around with stocks, and it turns out I can make more with less risk by discretionarily trading stocks than with my ES system. But it only works if I sufficiently detach myself emotionally, plus it has to be nice and quiet and nothing else must be bothering me. But I have now reached the stage where I just don't trade whenever I feel I'm not balanced enough to do it.

    You should see the correlation between the number of trades I make per day with the amount of noise the construction workers next door produce that day! I think I will calculate how much it would cost me to buy a home with no neighbors and a high speed internet connection, estimate how long the construction next door will go on and how much on average it costs me per day and then make a decision based on the bottom line.
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    Try some foam earplugs. :D
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  10. I became a broker with Refco, after geting a series 7 I realized I was just a notch lower than lawyers. Traded my own funds ever since and spent some years as a local in Chicago at the Board of Trade (circa 1988-89).
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