How long have you been in the market?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by 0008, Nov 15, 2002.

  1. bobcathy1

    bobcathy1 Guest

    WHAT DOES THAT MAKE YOU?:p :p :p :
    #11     Nov 15, 2002
  2. Mister X

    Mister X

    A Don Miller pimp?

    (Boy, it's hard to get anything past you. I was wondering who the first idiot would be who responded.)
    #12     Nov 15, 2002
  3. bobcathy1

    bobcathy1 Guest

    But alas, my dear mr are the first post. guess you do not trade for a living do you? Just another dilettante with time on his hands and little in his brain?:)
    #13     Nov 15, 2002
  4. mr x is obviously a retard, but you don't have to "trade for a living" to be a trader. Most market participants have real jobs, and that is the way it is meant to be.
    #14     Nov 15, 2002
  5. Mister X

    Mister X

    Morons who wildly guess at who and what others are, or may be, can also be traders.

    I believe my occupation is listed under my profile.
    #15     Nov 15, 2002
  6. bobcathy1

    bobcathy1 Guest

    This is my last post.
    I decided if I could post just one day without being harrassed by junk posts.....I might soldier on.
    This is the final straw.
    #16     Nov 15, 2002
  7. Aaron


    Sorry to see you go. I enjoyed your contributions.

    Another tack you might try instead of leaving is to use the "ignore" button. If you don't care to ever read another post by someone, just click on their username in a post and click "add user to your ignore list".

    [Btw, Baron, "add user to your buddy list" is annoyingly close to "add user to your ignore list" and I've mixed them up on more than one occasion.]
    #17     Nov 15, 2002
  8. Mister X

    Mister X

    Maybe you shouldn't ignore with such gusto. Slow down, and enjoy life more.
    #18     Nov 15, 2002
  9. Mister X

    Mister X

    I think that perhaps an apology is in order. Today my rude remarks caused at least one member to abandon posting. To be perfectly frank, my mounting losses, as well as several other personal tragedies have caused me to not be myself of late.

    I don’t want you to hate me. I want to be loved – well, at least as much as a faceless name on a message board can be loved. I don’t want to go into a lot of detail, but my life has been less than what I would have liked it to be. And last week my beloved cat Leon, was run over by a truck. That added to the other things that have gone wrong have caused me to lash out and hurt people who do not deserve to be hurt.

    I apologize, and ask your forgiveness.
    #19     Nov 15, 2002
  10. Your apology is an acceptable one, no matter your motive in posting, everyone deserves a little forgiveness if contrite about the offense. Carry on.

    #20     Nov 15, 2002