How long have we been trading?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dbphoenix, Mar 7, 2003.

  1. dbphoenix


    1. Less than a year

    2. 1-3 years

    3. 3-5 years

    4. 5-10 years

    5. More than 10 years
  2. db,

    Full-time or since the first time we put a trade on?
  3. that's definitely a "trading" topic.

    you're full of excitement!
  4. well, let's see abra, what else BUT trading could the question "how long have we been trading" relate to?
  5. sure you dont want to include a curse word?? And all I said was "very interesting", b/c it is very interesting trading talk.

    how about "i'm a buyer on friday", isnt that "trading" ???

  6. dbphoenix


    Up to you. I don't think one has to be full-time to be a "trader" as to me it is more a matter of how one approaches the market than it is of hours served during the day.

  7. Yeah, I started "dabbling" in trading in 1993. But I said "less than a year" since that's how long I've been trying to do it for a living.
  8. 10+
  9. prox


    Does inept buy and holding count ?
  10. gnome


    You could examine your net worth and determine whether or not "it counts"...
    #10     Mar 10, 2003