How long for NinjaTrader to receive market data and respond with an automated order?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by abattia, May 6, 2013.

  1. Has anyone measured this?

    Or could estimate it?

    I'm after an idea of how long NinjaTrader 7 takes - once it has received market data - to respond to that market data with an automated order?

    I imagine this will depend on hardware to a degree, so I am assuming that NT is loaded say on a computer equivalent to a decent, up-to-date, relatively high-spec trading desktop ...

    Any ideas?

  2. OK, fair enough …

    … either it’s a stupid question and you’re all too polite to say so (somehow I doubt that…),

    … or no-one has or wants to share the answer.

    The background to my question … yesterday I sat in on a sales presentation from a trading software vendor (I am not going to name the vendor). The vendor offers trading tools, several orders of magnitude more expensive than NT, for direct connection to exchanges. The party in benefit of who the presentation was held is on the lookout for a platform for automated trading.

    Several alternative platform configurations were discussed, and what I’ll call the “round trip processing time” (market data enters, or perhaps an updated order status enters -> algo reacts -> new order goes out) of each configuration was compared. Depending on how many discrete software modules/components were involved in the processing chain (few = fast / many = slow), this “round trip processing time” was stated to be between 2 – 4 milliseconds.

    It got me thinking …

    By comparison with what I saw presented yesterday, NT has only a few software modules, and they are integrated and they are all in C# (just different namespaces). Aren’t they?

    Doesn’t that mean that a ”NinjaTrader round trip processing time” ought to be fast, too?

    I wonder how fast?

    Does anyone care to comment?
  3. I have only read of 1 complaint. Upon initial trade, there maybe lag for modules loading in. I'm not sure if this was 6.5, or extends to 7.

    Also, are you using zenfire or ib or cqg or tda? Each interfaces differently with NT.

    I'll try to find that document if I don't forget.

  4. Many thanks.
    I use eSignal and IB data sources.