How long does tradestation take for you to load a new ticker in a chart ?

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  1. I have been having some issues with TS 9.5.x, and would like feedback from other users on load time for new charts.

    all this is equities only.

    the first minutes after the market opens, if I type a ticker into an open chart/strat window, it typically takes several seconds and sometimes even more, mainly stalling on 'Waiting for Data' (occasionally stalling on 'Waiting for Symbol Attributes'). My charts only load a few hundred bars (1-second data) that early in the day. I have tried to determine how much of this is something local to me vs. their data servers simply being a bit slow right at market open. When the market opens, my TS platform has almost no tickers active - it is pulling very little data down. I have no radar screens, no lists, nothing in the platform getting quotes besides whatever it defaults with. it is a dedicated machine, no wifi.

    I use a vpn, which has helped on this (before, I have had longer delays and I wondered if I was being packet-throttled), but I never really get below the 4-6 second range from hitting 'enter' on a ticker to the chart actually being up.

    Any feedback from TS users on how long it takes for them, and any ideas at all from anyone appreciated.
  2. I use TS, I have radar screen running and have dozens of charts up with some pretty intensive application which pull data. I trade most of the time from the Philippines which adds some lag (minor) but have not had the issue you seem to be having.
    Now I did have a similar issue with my old internet provider as they throttled me. Since moving so my new provider no issues.
    I did run a VPN before and it slowed me down on TS, other platforms online performance in general so I don't use it on my dedicated machine.
    There was some talk on one of the TS forums some time ago about clearing the platforms cache. Another issue if you use addon products for TS store might be issues with TS folder TSSN, deleting and reinstalling any TS store apps or products in the folder may help load time.
    I am just guessing here
    Any other TS users have some advice?
  3. Hi,

    I did clear cache (and eventually did a full reinstall from a higher base install version). I don't have any addon products. I have used a number of other platforms and never seen delays in anything other than the <1second range.

    wireshark analysis (new to me) showed me TS was only sending ~6-8 1500byte packets in a set, waiting for ack, and sending 6-8 more. pulling a 1-second 6 month chart of spy took almost 4 minutes.

    I have implemented the settings which I can find in my config. from this page

    this quadrupled the number of packets being sent, and this is with the default adapter on the motherboard (older). I will get a new intel one today and try it out. obv. sunday is not the best time to stress-test new settings.

    I am not sure if this was everything that is going on with my problem, but it seems to be part of the problem and I will report back to this thread with how matters proceed once I put a new NIC in.
  4. Have you checked with TS support or posted this on the TS support forum on the TS website?
    Your Wireshark numbers are low and seem to support your problem.
    Have you tried to run TS without a VPN?
    Perhaps you have an older NIC, really old, I don't know what you are running.
    Keep at it as these problems do not reflect my experience with TS in WA, CA, AZ and overseas in Southeast Asia.
    Try the TS forum. The guys there are really helpful and have years experience running the platform and understanding any issues.
    Good luck.
    Any Tradestation users out there who can assist?
  5. I have posted this thread with the TS support forum and asked that they either respond to me to pass on or to you directly at this thread.
    I suggest you sign on to TS support and check out their forums. Volumes of helpful information there.
  6. Hi, thanks for your replies

    I did add a new NIC today with all the offload. etc. settings turned off as per the link above but things were happening so fast I didn't have time to closely observe load times at open (I know it was faster than my usual). now things seem very, very fast. I have at times recorded my monitors in order to try to visually quantify delays and may do that here when I get home.

    both my normal connections are cable - one is overseas and I am 100% sure throttles (worked through that with DAS a couple of years ago, huge packet backup with them and does same on TS), so vpn is mandatory. the other is a NV-based cox cable connection, I am not there now but initial testing suggested might be ok to try with no vpn. the vpn has a node a few miles away so I have been happy to just use it.

    I do travel some and the issue I run into is I have not found a good test just for high-volume packet flow, vs. more generic tests - I thus just default towards using the VPN always.
  7. Hope that helps.