How long does it take?

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  1. ....before the mob grasps that the stockmarket is doomed to collapse! No FED and no government in the world can prevent it -although they will try.
    The $ is crashing, gold&silver&oil is skyrocketing, yields are rising, the housing-bubble is bursting etc.
    You are warned! Take your profits now -if you have any. If you choose to be a lamb you will be slaughtered this year.
    PS: forget those talking heads at CNBC; they have nothing to lose. YOU HAVE!!
  2. atozcom


    The sky is falling!
    The sky is falling!
    The sky is falling!
  3. atozcom,

    An easy question for you. What do you think is the purchasing power of your $'s at the moment?
  4. mizer


    Please go back in your fallout shelter:cool:
  5. You must be a trading veteran!
  6. Art Bell is that you,?? You convinced me mister, I'm going down to the army surplus and laying into supplies and materials for a pair of machine gun nests, ( one for the wife) and I've been putting it off for years,but. I'm fortifying the permiter most ricky tick. Alright, MOVE IT OUT!!

    ps. in case anyone's wondering, your damn right I've got my civil defence uniform on.
  7. I already have a big, tall building picked out where I know I can
    jump out the window on the top floor if the market collapses...:p

    So I am not worried one bit. It's the people down below who should be worried...:D
  8. Art Bell still around? I remeber 10-15 years ago when he said buy Gold, the world is coming to and end. I wonder if he bought some.
  9. If you're so sure, short the shit out of the market and collect your easy money.
  10. I love 100% room to go!!

    thanks frustrated bears$$$
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