How long does it take your swing trade to show profit?

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  1. Does your swing trade usually show an immediate profit from the get go or it takes a while to work itself out?
  2. It depends on entry..sometimes a trader has to sit through the corrections before seeing the desired move, but I made 2.14 on VLO this morning, but I held the stock for 12 days, so... yeah. :)

  3. My best ones seem to show profit right away and they also have a longer holding period. Last year my average hold time for all my trades was just under 4 days (3 days, 22 hrs, XX mins). What I've also found interesting is "my" system's ability to "predict" the move before it happens.

    For example: I'll be in several different markets (futures) and one position will reverse (short to long, long to short). This will go against the other positions I have and the charts make it appear that this trade might be a loser. This one takes off and then the rest of the markets I'm in, provided they are correlated in some manner, follow suit. Often times not at all what I would have predicted based on the charts.
  4. A few hours to a few days usualy
  5. I play for a 3-5 day move only.
  6. Seems like mine take forever. I think it's due to my fundamental research background but I always have an angle on a stock besides a chart, the story can take time to develop and when it does the stocks swing. Can I take the wait is often the question....
  7. I look for a move in my direction immediately, or I'm out. I do not hesitate to re-enter, however. Sometimes it will take me 3 times before I get it right, but my R:R more than compensates for these small losers.......
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    It really depends on the methodology incorporated in your swing trading system. If your methodology is to catch pull backs in a trend then the best trades will be profitable virtually right away. If your system is looking for breakouts then you may have to sit in the red for awhile. As long as your system makes money over the long run then it's irrelevant where you start your trade. Some of my best trades have started off in the red.

  9. Not 2 or 6? :p

    ...What if you stock does nothing for 4 days?, do you cut short of the 5th day?...what if you make your target on the 1st you hold for 4 more days?

  10. I only have a final target which is just below last resistance. After each day I set my stop slightly below the low of the previous day and ride it until it hits. MOST OF THE TIME, it ends up being 3-5 days before I get stopped out. If the stock sits there for 5 days and does nothing, I get out.
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