How Long Does It Take Until The Sponsor ...

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by man, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. man


    ... of this section removes this thread?

    i started one being critical about the content of this
    section and i would think it got deleted for no apparent
    reason ... at least not apparent to me.

    while i respect company sponsoring i was not aware of
    how far this stretches. i have the feeling that this is
    not the spirit of ET as i experienced it over the years.
    and a company who cuts down people uttering their
    honest, unbashing opinion here ... sorry, gents, here
    are a couple of adults present who do not like that too

    maybe you dare to post a reason if this thread gets
    deleted as well.
  2. fx-auto

    fx-auto ET Sponsor

    Dear Sir,
    We have no intention of removing your thread.
    In fact, we openly encourage any thread on autotrading, no matter the topic. Active discussion is for the benefit of everyone.

    We totally rebuke the accusation we removed your prior thread.

    Thank You,
  3. man


    thnx for coming back. i don't intend to make this up
    a big deal. just appeared strange.

  4. man


    nevertheless funny that someone removed it. anyway.
  5. fx-auto

    fx-auto ET Sponsor

    Hi Man,
    Sure, it no problem.
    Definetly not our side.

    As you we are new sponsors and did'nt even realise removing threads was in our rights.

    Anyway, have a nice day.

  6. man


    true respect. nice day to you too.