How long does AVG take to scan?

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  1. Is it just me, or is the scan computer time taking horrifically long on the newest AVG?

    I am looking at today's scan; so far 3 hours have lapsed and it is still going. Experienced users: does that seem normal for 2 drives at 80+ something gigs ea?

    It seems to me that on the older AVG versions, scans of the drive were completed quickly (like much under an hour). But I never needed to diagnose it at the time.

    P.S. Before someone suggests defrag and garbage clean up, I'm diligent at all that.
  2. The new AVG does take much longer and is much more of a resource hog. That said, I still use it due to the fact that in close to 10 years of use nothing has ever gotten past it. It can be sped up in the advanced settings - most notably, check scan infectable files only. Also disable the Link Scan function - it slows the shit out of browsing and causes grief when using google. Note too that if you are using xp SP3 there are at least a bazillion new files to be scanned.

    Also delete your temp internet files before a scan.
  3. thedewar


    an eternity sir... an eternity....

    it slows EVVVEERRRYYTHING down

    i've got one virus ever....

    only get your porno from trusted places and you should be fine w/o it
  4. Good to see I'm not alone. Got rid of the link scan monstrosity on day 1; that was absolutely unacceptable. I am using SP3, so good observation, and yes, there are tons of files to scan. I'll have to check out that scan for infectable files only part out.
    Thanks for the tip. Granted, all warts aside, it's a million times better than norton ever was. Never had any problems outside of the resource drag.
  5. Thanks for the info. :)
  6. Are you all saying the Link Scanner function slows down your web surfing or virus scanning or both?

    I tried disabling my Link Scanner and noticed no change is surfing speed.

    And as for the amount of time it takes to do a virus scan, mine's about 20 minutes to scan 7G total occupied space.
  7. Be careful with those antivirus. I am done with them after my laptop died.

    I am not sure it was AVG that did it because well I don't remember if I actually had it or not. I have had it on all my previous machines but when I installed it on my brand new laptop I got a warning about conflicts with the other anti virus that was there (Norton I think) . I remember postponing the install but can't remember if I installed it anyway later.

    I didn' t get any of the messages mentioned in the article that ask you to remove a critical Win XP file crippling your machine.

    Does anyone know whether you have to manually start the scan or whether it starts automatically ?
    On my older machines with very old AVG versions I never update AVG and don't run auto scans, and I can't remember seeing any scan in progress on my laptop . The disaster described in the article sounds very similar to what happened to my laptop. No boot, recovery doesn't work. Except that in my case I could not start XP at all even in safe mode.

    If anyone can post a screenshot of the AVG icon on the taskbar , it may help me remember. I am trying to find out whether I had it or not because Acer is trying to make me pay 200 bucks to fix my laptop which according to my IT girl was a hardware problem covered by warranty (software would not be covered by warranty !!) Acer won't say anything other than it is software thus not covered and take it or leave it.
  8. It just slows down the initial load of each page in order to scan it for links to crafty sites. The best way to disable it is to go to Add/Remove and do a Repair installation, make sure you do a custom install and uncheck Link Scanner.
  9. Did that. (Actually, had to uninstall then do a custom reinstall..) Surfing does appear to be a bit snappier, but not the kind of difference I expected from posts about how Link Scanner "slowed system down dramatically"...
  10. I never saw the "dramatically" part either. The worst I experienced was when I clicked on links from google - link scanner would choke of all the tracking code google imbeds in their links.
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